My favorite websites

Grammarist — For a writer, there’s no better site to help you nail grammar and spelling issues.

Wikipedia — When I was growing up, we had several full sets of encyclopedias lining the shelves of the study. My father’s favorite refrain was “Go look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls” when I came to him with a question. Wikipedia is like having every encyclopedia ever written at your fingertips.

Rhyme Zone — For those moments when I’m working on a poem and can’t think of what word rhymes with “orange.” (Spoiler alert: Nothing. Nothing rhymes with orange.)

Pottermore — I’ve read the books and seen the movies, and so have you. I’m not an actual Potterhead, or whatever JK Rowling’s fandom calls itself, but this site is just spectacular. It’s like visiting the world she created in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series.

NPR — What’s not to love about NPR? As a news source, it’s top-rate. But it’s the love NPR gives to the arts that makes me happy. It spotlights the indie musicians and obscure artists that get so little love in the mainstream. It loves storytelling, be it visual, musical, or cultural. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is my favorite way to spend an hour every Saturday morning. Tiny Desk Concerts and Jazz Night in America (hosted by my favorite jazz bassist, Christian McBride) have introduced me to more great artists than I can count. Seriously… I could go on and on about my love for NPR, but I’d need to build another website.

The Onion — It’s hard to tell the difference between real news and satire these days. Here’s how I can tell which is which: The Onion is actually funny.

Language is a VirusHoly crap! That was my first reaction to this site which is all about curing writer’s block and inspiring creativity.

Six Word Memoirs — It seems easy, but you try summing up a life in six words.