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Find the right words


Any of these sound familiar? 

You can't quite get a handle on your brand voice or how to stand out from other brands in your space.

You're struggling to keep visitors on your website, let alone convert them to sales.

You don't know how to create an offer that will get your audience to buy.

The right words can make all the difference between a hard pass or a hell, yeah!

Finding the right words doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But that shouldn't keep you from connecting with your audience and turning them into customers. Your bottom line shouldn't depend on your writing abilities. 

You’re not alone!

If the answer is yes, then here’s my first lesson for you:  

But here's the good news: even if your not a natural-born wordsmith, you can learn how to craft kick-ass website copy that elevates your brand's story, connects with the RIGHT audience, and converts them into customers.



The only course you need to learn ALL the steps to creating a compelling website that connects and converts.



Don't agonize over what to write and how to get it right.

Imagine how you'll
feel when you...

Showcase your brand with a distinctive voice and consistent messaging.



Have a clear roadmap to writing copy that leads your audience to the sale.


Build an engaged and enthusiastic email list of potential customers primed to buy.


Have a website that consistently generates revenue for your business.


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How it works:

Be guided step-by-step to create your website. Every lesson includes actionable steps to take to take your brand online in real time.

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Graduate with something better than a diploma: an actual website that generates qualified leads and puts money in the bank.


“Having Linda to lead me through the process of creating web copy that tells my story while boosting sales was amazing.”


Linda Donahue

With over 25 years as an award-winning copywriter, Linda Donahue has written it all. Her experiences crafting impactful brand stories have taken her from a national interior design magazine to serving as creative director at several top Miami ad agencies. Her mentorship of up-and-coming copywriters has honed Linda’s abilities to teach others the techniques of strategic storytelling.

Linda has been the mastermind behind several top-ranked websites and has penned engaging content for both digital and print, always with a focus on brand storytelling that both captivates and converts. She’s worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands: Cunard, Silverseas, Seabourn, Atlas Ocean Voyages, Sandals Resorts, Waldorf+Astoria, MTV, DHL, and Godiva (just to name a few).

With Brand Builders Society, Linda distills her vast experience into actionable insights for entrepreneurs. Her courses are designed to eliminate the overwhelm in the writing process and provide a framework to guide students to understand their customers’ journey and create copy that both resonates and converts.


Founder & CEO
Brand Builders Society

Be able to take your dream customers on a journey through web copy that generates leads and converts to sales.

Create messaging maps that build relationships with your audience and establish you as a trusted resource.

Be able to clearly and confidently articulate what you do and how you can resolve your audience's pain points. 

Seamlessly integrate SEO-optimized keywords and key phrases into your copy without losing your authenticity in the process.

Know how to optimize three key research methods to create a website that connects and converts.

Have 100% confidence in your brand voice, brand messaging, and your ability to write on demand.

Once you're in Brand Builders Society, you'll...


If you want to build brand awareness and boost sales, you need kick-ass web copy!

Create connections between your brand and your audience.

Get your audience excited before you even make the offer.

Tell a powerful story that moves your audience to take the action you want them to take.

Build FOMO for what you have to offer.

Generate sales … to numbers beyond what you can imagine.

Great website copy will:

...And learning how to create kick-ass website copy doesn’t have to be painful. 

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Who is Brand Builders Society right for?

I think the better question is: who wouldn't benefit from Brand Builders Society? If you're someone who uses words to connect, educate, influence, or sell, then Brand Builders Society is the perfect fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Brand Builders Society begin?

Enrollment begins in January 2024.

What's included in Brand Builders Society?

You'll get:
  • 4 modules with video/audio lessons that take you through step-by-step trainings
  • Downloadable materials — including the video/audio lessons
  • Transcripts for those who prefer visual learning.
  • Templates and worksheets to help you craft your own copy.
  • Writing prompts to help you write and flow your copy.
  • Access to a private online community where you can exchange ideas with your peers.
  • Recorded feedback on copy submissions.
  • And a few bonuses we're working on as we speak!

How much does Brand Builders Society cost?

Pricing will be made available when the course opens for enrollment early in 2024.

How long will I have access to Brand Builders Society?

How does a lifetime sound? You'll have access to all course materials, templates, and cheat sheets — and all updated content as long as Brand Builders Society lives.

What day(s) of the week are Brand Builders Society classes held?

Any day you want. All lessons and course materials are on-demand, meaning you can learn when and where you want.