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I’m an extroverted introvert—or an introverted extrovert.  (The jury is still out on that one.) I’m a copywriter, a novelist, a poet … a gypsy with a camera, a pragmatic daydreamer, and an inspired procrastinator.

My debut poetry collection, illusions and misdemeanors, was released in 2019, and my first novel, Broken, is set to be published in early 2021. I’m also the writer of numerous short stories and a photographer whose work has been exhibited at galleries in New York and Miami. I’ve been featured in the Palm Beach Post, Women’s World, the Wall Street Journal, and online at Lost in Cheeseland and HiP Paris.

But ask me who I am and I’ll tell you that I’m a storyteller. Sometimes I tell stories with words, and sometimes with images. I travel the world with my eyes, ears, and mind open, because that’s where inspiration is found.

Linda Donahue


I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I remember one particular writing assignment given by my English teacher in junior high school. “Write your obituary,” she told the class.  In retrospect, I can’t imagine why she’d issue so morbid a challenge, but I ran with it. I was, after all, blessed with an overactive imagination, and it poured out of me when detailing my life from the vantage point of the celebration of it. I vaguely recall writing about being an award-winning actress, but it was the detail I provided that earned me praise. “I can’t speak to your acting abilities,” my teacher told me, “but I think you should be a writer.”

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustable source of magic…”

-Albus Dumbledore

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Linda Donahue


My first experience with a camera was in front of it. My father, a lawyer by trade, took up photography as a hobby while I was in my “tween” years. He was pretty darned good, but as a self-taught artist, he learned his craft through experimentation. Unfortunately, I was the subject of that experimentation. Dad learned depth of field, lighting, and exposure by placing me in myriad uncomfortable situations—indoors, outdoors and in pitch dark rooms. I believe several sections of the Geneva Convention were violated as my father tortured me for countless hours. Having been traumatized by my experience, I took up photography as therapy while in high school. My father fled in fear each time I tried to get him to pose for me (knowing I was out for revenge), so I began aiming my lens at inanimate objects and landscapes. I put the camera aside for a while when I went to college, focusing instead on honing my writing skills. I kept it in storage while I began a career as a writer. But after a few years, I needed a creative escape that didn’t require thinking or words, I dusted off my Canon and rediscovered a world of inspiration. It was like gaining entrée into a dimension that few could see, where I could capture incredible moments in time and space. Best of all, it’s an unlimited reservoir of inspiration I can tap into. And now it’s how I see the world.