What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?

There comes a moment in every writer’s journey where doubt erases every word on the page.

“I’m a hack.”

“Who the fuck do I think I am, writing a novel?”

“I should stick to my day job.”

Anne Lamott talks about this in Bird by Bird, which should be on every writer’s bookshelf (after being read several times, highlighted, dog-eared, and memorized).

I happen to know it’s not just writers who have moments of doubt in their abilities. Artists, doctors, architects, parents, actors, plumbers, musicians, Nobel-winning physicists, dogs—all question their work at some point or another. Okay, maybe not dogs. Mine is pretty damned cocky, if I’m gonna be honest with you.

So if you’re beating yourself up because you think what you do isn’t good enough, take some comfort in knowing that everyone, even your heroes, have dragged themselves through the muck of the mind, too.