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Death Takes a Holiday

cross-at-pere-lachaise-in-parisI find myself lost in a forest of tombs. A flock of earthbound ravens part as I walk by them on the cobbled path. Some fly to the bare tree limbs above, while others continue their foraging, undisturbed by my presence.

The dead surround me, but I sense no discontent, no malice. Even beneath a canopy of gray clouds, gloom has no home here. Instead, there is serenity. The only souls haunting this place belong to the living.

NOTE: Visit the HiP Paris Blog to see more of my photos of Père Lachaise, along with my story on the cemeteries of Paris.

crypt-path-pere-lachaise-paris Pere Lachaise path_2400cd pere stairs duo pere-lachaise-bench pere-weeping-lady

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