About Linda

Linda DonahueLinda Donahue has a passion for photography that extends back to her childhood, when she was the subject/unfortunate victim of her father’s photographic experimentation. Inspired by his work behind the camera (and never again wanting to be in front of the camera) Linda began studying the art form while still in high school.

Today, Linda combines her two passions—photography and travel—to capture images around the world.

“I try to capture moments in time,” she says. “whether it’s the way the light is reshaping the architecture of a particular location, or the way people inhabit that location in a particular moment.”

Linda currently lives in Miami, Florida, but spends a great deal of time in her “adopted hometown” of Paris. While there, she offers photo tours of the French capital, helping others  find new ways to see—and photograph—the city.

Her photography has been exhibited in galleries in New York and Miami, and is featured in private collections around the world. It will soon be seen in the book Paris Privé (2013).